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Red Barton Delay and New Release Date Update – March 14th

TL;DRRed Barton and The Sky Pirates release date is postponed (and this time very much locked) to March 14th 2017. Here’s the press release link – please read the article below to find out why.

“Yo ho, yo ho the indie life’s for me!!!”

Indie gaming life is a reality for us for a few years now, indeed. And what a roller coaster it was for quite some time! We learned the hard way that there’s no way around it’s many axioms, a famous one being – EXPECT DELAYS!!!

Well, in the past few months we’ve been trying to make our game look awesome. And we started piling stuff on. Little by little – feature by feature, one thing started affecting another, another started affecting things which a developer would not anticipate and sooner then we realized what happened – the game was crashing left and right. The bewildering (and yet so common) fact that on different platforms completely different things were crashing – didn’t make it easy to track the bugs down in a quick fashion and still make the deadline.

We pressed hard to patch and fix and shuffle things around, but the dam kept leaking. And the inevitable finally happened. We sent the preview to a few (hundred) reviewers, and a brand new version to our beta-testers (that already tested a version before the preview version which passed with flying colors) – and lo and behold – one after another, gameplay breaking bugs were all over the place.

You’d “think” a pre-release month addition of 10 languages, all new models, different main model, new textures, making boss fights heavy and complex and cleaning up every single piece of geo the game has to be hierarchically good and named correctly (and a few thousand other “small” fixes) wouldn’t do such a think [irony alert]!

But alas, we realized we need an extra life.

And so we huddled and looked at each other, and asked the question. How much time do we need to do this? Some said a number. We doubled it to be sure – and settled on 4 weeks.

So – on March 14th, Red Barton will fly out to rescue the princess, and save the world on Steam (PC and Mac). Android and iOS versions will follow shortly after the Steam release, pending their rigorous approval process.

Stay tuned!!!

Gameacon 2016 report

Hi everyone!

Gameacon 2016 is now over and as we go back to our drawing boards, here’s a little scoop of the action 🙂

In 3 days we got to hear some interesting talks and panels, got to hang out with some awesome folks from the indie gaming scene, both studios and individual Swiss-knife one-man-studio peeps, and present our game Red Barton and The Sky Pirates for the first time to a wider audience.

Our booth  was a continuous flow of people sharing gamer wisdom such as “I wanna play that, that looks freakin awesome” or “WHO made that high score?!” To say we didn’t expect that is an understatement, the interest was overwhelming! As someone would get up, someone else would immediately fill their seat so it was a full day of work for us to talk and elaborate on our game looks, gameplay and story.

Our high-score got beaten 3 times during Gameacon, and we’ve decided to honor the top three people by listing their names on our future on-line score board.

Here’s a bit of the atmosphere:

This being the first time we showcased our closed-beta to someone other then our girlfriends, wives, kids and close friends, we got to hear some unbiased opinions, and the feedback was unanimously on the positive side with some super-constructive gameplay feedback coming from almost everyone who played!

Considering that we’re in development only since February 2016 on Red Barton, both Kosta Zdravković‘s beautiful game artwork design AND advanced stage of gameplay were recognized by the Gameacon 2016 judge panel and we got not one but TWO nominations for Best Gameplay and Best Art Direction!!! Woot! Woot!

To put it in perspective – a studio no one has ever heard of before, has started working on their first game ever in February 2016, made a functional beta-test version and brought it to their first exhibition ever in October 2016 – and it ended up being the top 3 choice among a multitude of submitted titles, some of them on their artists workbenches for years, and a few of them being presented on Gameacon the previous year!

When the MC called our name, we just looked at each other and grabbed our phones almost instantly to get the pictures. A truly defining moment for every studio out there, I am sure! Here are our rushed photos 🙂


img_4005The games that were in the works and award pool on Gameacon 2015, (some of them being worked on for years!) received the deserved accolades, and we salute the hard and amazing work of the teams behind this year’s Crystal Award winners in the categories we were nominated in – Ayo the Clown for Art Direction and Antipole DX for Gameplay. We hope we didn’t make those choices easy for the jury 😉

A very special salute to our nominee buddies from Babushka Anya Games for their beautiful game Legacy of Svarog, a story-driven action RPG and adventure game hybrid set in a fictitious world based on Slavic Mythology. Also for being cool people and giving a HUGE prop sword to the winner of a little time-attack competition in their game. Great hanging out with you guys!

Greetz to all the amazing folks that were there either as exhibitors or as guests, we wish you all the best in your future endevours. It was amazing to meet up with fellow indie studios and see so much great work! Also, a high five to our next door neighbors Donald and Christopher, creators of phenomenal-looking Mind’s Eclipse!

Check all these titles out, and see if you can make it to the next conference Schism Worldwide will be attending – Beokon 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia, November 4th to 6th!


Team of Schism Worldwide

Interview With Kosta Zdravković, “Red Barton” Game Designer

We sat down with Red Barton’s game designer Kosta Zdravković to talk a bit about his experience on the project.

  • How did you come up with the idea for Red Barton?

I worked since I was seventeen in the advertising industry as an art director and illustrator. I later moved on to 3D graphics production. With this kind of background, it seemed a natural progression to evolve into the gaming industry.

Being a passionate movies and comics aficionado, I wanted to create a world that would reflect all my childhood favorites. So there is a lot of the 80’s culture weaved into Red Barton – with a contemporary twist.

Initially, the game was called Red Baron. I wanted to have this noble character in a quest for justice. When I was around 10, my friends and I were fascinated with a game with the same name. It was adventure on the screen and we were playing it non-stop. Even off-screen! Due to the Red Baron brand being already taken for a game, and a pizza chain, we renamed the character and the game name became “Red Barton and the Sky Pirates”.

  • How long have you been working on it?

I had this game idea for a very long time, but it came into reality during 2014. Just like that, I started to write the script and to sketch like mad. Ideas were flowing out naturally as it was brewing in my mind since a long while.

  • What kind of challenges you face as a game artist in the development process?

From the get go I knew that I wanted to create a high-quality and detailed game even if it was meant to be only for tablets and phones as was the case with the original plan.  Later, we decided to make the game available also for PC to utilize the high poly-count models, but I still had to create the low-poly versions of all 3D models to accommodate the limitations of the mobile device hardware. That was quite a lot of unexpected  (double -editor) work, but it was a great learning curve. Finding a style did take some time, as I wanted it to suit perfectly the storytelling and to be easy to manage.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

To be able to go through the whole creative process and to combine all the experiences that I have accumulated over the years for this game. It’s incredibly satisfying.

  • What are major film, illustration, comics or any other influences on your designs in the game?

When I was young, some of my favorite cartoon characters were pirates on sky ships, like “The Pirates of Dark Waters”, “Castle in the Sky”, “Treasure Planet” and “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”.  Their free spirit and adventurous, fully packed lives always inspired me both in my work and life.

Another big influence of my childhood were “The Goonies“, directed by Steven Spielberg. This idea of adventure has always been important to me. So, there is a bit of it in the Red Barton, and even more in the upcoming game sequel which is in the early concept art phase.


What skills are most important to have for a game artist

I would say imagination and creativity, as a game without soul is not interesting. But if you think about the production process, I would say that versatility is key. That’s why we have a great team on this project.

Kosta, thanks a lot for your time.

“Red Barton & The Sky Pirates” is coming out in 2017. It’s the first major game release by Schism Worldwide, an indie game studio based in New York, USA with cloud based development firm around the world.


We have started the game dev blog for Red Barton, our first game to be released in 2017.

We will keep you updated as the game gets developed, report any news and have the gaming community updated as often as our process allows, this being an indie game studio.

We’ll also share some of the more presentable game assets occasionally, and do all our announcements both there and here on the main page.

Stay tuned!

The Team @ Schism Worldwide


We are in full production of the first game by Schism Worldwide. Featuring the illustrations and 3D work of Kosta Zdravkovic, and our Studio’s game dev magic, we are moving into the alpha stage of development.

Our first major title (official announcement coming soon) is scheduled for end of 2016 – beginning of 2017, so stay tuned. This news is accompanied with a little taste of what’s coming, and the official first image from the game.

It’s gonna be a hot summer!!!

The Team @ Schism Worldwide


2015 was a very big year for setting up Schism Worldwide.

We were scattered on all four sides, with so much outlaying work, and so little time to focus on on our projects. So there was simply no time to release more of our digital artistry.

Some soul searching naturally happened along the way, being a small indie we are, and we evolved into a laser focused outlet for digital art and game development – and here we are, heavy into production of our first indie title.

2016 is gonna be good!

Stay tuned, and Happy New Year!

The Team @ Schism Worldwide