Schism Worldwide – Early Retirement

We tried. We honestly did.

And now we’re joining the epic pile of all the numerous indie startups that didn’t make it as we move to our indie retirement.

The team members will move on to different projects and business ventures, while the leftover projects we made and were working on will be released as soon as they are ready, if that ever happens.

Big ups to everyone who supported our enterprise and played the title we managed to release, Red Barton & The Sky Pirates. It’s still available for all to enjoy on Steam, and hopefully soon will be on mobile. Time will tell.

Big thanks to our families and friends who haven’t seen too much of us during the creation process, sometimes for months – you mean a world to us.

Schism Worldwide will sign off officially and move on after a cleanup of our drawers and a possible mobile release. Our titles will continue to be technically supported for a reasonable amount of time in foreseeable future.

With gratitude, we bow out.

The Team @ Schism Worldwide LLC

2 thoughts on “Schism Worldwide – Early Retirement”

  1. Sad News. I hope the game will come out on mobile. Please also give Infos if the Company Closes or “move on” to another one. If second, the game would be available longer. Please give on Website Infos if the game will be on steam available longer or will – if vompany Closes – only be available for some time from now on. Also please Infos on mobile game – is it in beta Status?

  2. Thanks for making the game. It has unique style and i think ist really a good game. Update 1 fixed a lot. Hopefully it gets out on mobile

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